Yellow Springs Farm Cheese CSA-2021

Cheese CSA Type: 
We can provide you with a paper form to sign-up for the CSA. Please email, [email protected].

Whether you are just learning about goat cheese or you are already a dedicated Yellow Springs Farm cheese enthusiast, we invite you to join us as a CSA member.

What is a CSA?

A CSA is a relationship of mutual support and commitment between local farmers and community members who pay the farm an annual membership fee to help cover production costs of the farm. In return, members receive a regular share of the production.

YSF members enjoy regular deliveries of Artisanal Cheeses, including exclusive varieties for members only, while supporting diversity, sustainability, and small scale innovation in farming.

What do you get? Members receive a cheese share once a month. This includes seven monthly CSA share pickups from April thru October, plus one special Holiday Sampler Box for pickup on your choice of dates in November or December 2021.

Regular Share includes 3 varieties of YSF cheeses - about 12 oz total.

PLUS Share includes 4 cheese portions totaling about 16 oz. Perfect for split shares and larger households.

Everything But Chevre includes 2 cheeses – about 6 oz. each.

Cheese Pick Up

CHEESE SHARES are ready for pick up at Yellow Springs Farm monthly on the Tuesday close to the 20th of each month beginning April 21, 2021. We will also be offering pick-up at the West Chester Growers Market on Saturdays, starting the first week of May.  If you know you will miss a pickup, please ask someone to come in your place.  Kindly contact us with occasional special schedule requests by phone or text to  (610) 827-2014 or by e-mail to [email protected].




Yellow Springs Farm proudly offers both fresh and aged pasteurized Artisanal Goat Cheeses. The most important part of our award winning cheeses is the exceptionally good milk our goats produce. We breed and raise Nubian goats, with occasional genetic crosses carefully selected for their naturally nutrient rich milk. Our herd browses pasture, cleans up invasive plant species in the woodland, and basks in the sun. Our goats also eat local hay and grains. We do not use hormones or antibiotics in the dairy herd.

AL AND CATHERINE RENZI make YSF cheeses using age-old  processes borrowed from both French and Italian traditions. Our original recipes include farm-raised herbs, nuts, and honey. Each small batch is handmade, and never includes preservatives or anything artificial.  We use only vegetable rennet and sea salt.

We love to select palette-pleasing trends to pair with local, fresh foods. CSA members receive email newsletters with tasting and cheese pairing notes. 

Enjoy all the good flavors of Yellow Springs Farm!