About Our Native Plants

Thank you for sending the ferns. I happened to be at my driveway when the deliveryman arrived, so the ferns were immediately opened (and admired). Thank you for helping me recover the "W" for my alphabet garden.

Just thought I'd let you know. Fedex dropped off my our yellow John Clayton Honeysuckles today about an hour ago. Thanks so much for the prompt delivery of two very healthy large beautiful plants. Also thanks for double checking with me on the type of plant, and such a nice packaging of the plants. This is great! It saved me a trip to Philly! The money I spent on shipping is what is would have cost me to drive to Philly. It can be very difficult to find reasonable priced, healthy native plants up here in Harrisburg. Now...I know of a good source for mail order native plants. I will remember and tell others that you answer your phone, know native plants, and care about accurate orders and prompt delivery. Good job!


About Our Native Landscaping Services

I am at my house this week for my annual visit with my sisters and mother. I wanted to let you know that my yard looks terrific! Everything is nicely trimmed and taken care of and looks great. Thanks, indeed, to you and your workers for the fine work.

I asked Yellow Springs Farm to relandscape my yard in late 2012. Al and Cathy and their team gave great creative advice, had reasonable prices, were proactive with questions, completed the work on time and have been diligent in follow-up care of their work. They will be maintaining my yard going forward and I know it is in good hands. Every business should give this kind of personal, high quality service. I'm looking forward to the spring time when all of their work starts to grow and bloom

About our Cheese Workshops

Thank you for so kindly and generously sharing your farm with Andreas and me today. Everything--the goats, the cheese making and tasting, the beautiful pond, your hospitality--exceeded our expectations.

About our Cheese CSA

Love it! Love you guys! Please keep doing what you're doing!

"Met expectations," which were high, based in previous years. I am glad to support YSF.

As a member from (I think) your first year, I enjoy your cheese and am very pleased you are making it. I intend to continue my membership.

My expectations were already high and I'm a several year member, so no disrespect saying you met expectations. Cheese has been great.

My expectations were very high; it would hardly have been possible for you to exceed them.

So far, so good! The cheeses are good, even though I've found I'd prefer something a little sharper and stinkier! Felt you all were very organized and liked the email that was a great reminder to make my pick-up and a good description of the cheeses. Thanks

Question 10 is difficult because your cheese is fantastic!! Consequently, we have come to expect outstanding product over the years, and you have consistently delivered an outstanding product! We enjoy all of your cheeses, and particularly enjoy the variety during the season.

Have recommended this to friends.

About our Cheese

My husband and I were walking around the Collegeville farmer's market a few weeks ago and came across your stand. I tried the chevre with lavender and fell in love. It is an amazing cheese and I had devoured the entire supply within two days! Can't stop thinking about coming back next week to get some more.

The Purple Passion cheese is delicious! I paired it tonight with Summer Shandy, but I hope to pair it with a Victory brew sometime soon. What a great local farm!

About Our Cheese Making Class

I can warmly recommend the cheese making class. I attended this past Sunday and it was thorough and enormously inspiring and resulted in a delicious feta cheese. Can't wait to try in my own kitchen. Thanks Al and Catherine.