Ripe and Ready Goat Cheese Gift Collection


Goat Milk Product


The Ripe and Ready collection includes a 1.5lb combination of Cloud Nine, Bliss and Black Diamond. Think Brie, Camembert and Valencay with a bit of funk!  Cloud Nine is a French-style, bloomy-rind cheese. If you like French style cheese and a bit of a bite on the back of your tongue, this is the cheese for you. Bliss is created in the European tradition and pairs well with fruits. Bliss is aged 2-4 weeks. It starts out on the mild side, with hints of mushroom and nuttiness. As it ripens, it becomes softer, even a little runny around the edges, and the taste becomes more sharp. Black Diamond, a two-time American Cheese Society Winner is our bow to the French Valencay with robust flavors and creaminess that melts on the tongue...and lingers for a while. Pair Black Diamond with wines that include Sancerre or Sauvignon Blanc.