Basil Pesto Baked Pasta


Prep time
Cooking time
15 minutes
Total time
15 minutes


Pasta and Pesto!


1 pound
Rotini Pasta
3 cloves
2 tablespoons
Olive Oil
Medium Onion
3 cups
Crushed Canned Tomatoes
1⁄2 cup


Boil salted water in a large pot. While it is heating....

Warm oil on medium heat in large cast iron skillet. Add onion and garlic; saute until just before it browns. Do not overcook garlic. Add tomatoes and cook over medium heat until it comes to a bubbling boil, then reduce heat to low and continue to stir every few minutes.Add chopped basil and salt and pepper to taste.
While tomato mixture is simmering, add pasta to boiling water. While pasta is cooking, preheat broiler.  Meanwhile, stir pasta for about 9 minutes, so that pasta is slightly undercooked-- a little firmer than "al dente." Strain pasta.

Mix hot pasta in a large oven-proof casserole with basil pesto chevre. Stir hot pasta with cheese, and then stir in tomato mixture. Top casserole with grated cheese.

Place casserole on middle rack of oven and broil (about 10-12 inches from heating element) for 3-5 minutes until brown and bubbling.


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