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Native Plants Nursery

Yellow Springs Farm cultivates native plants grown on our Pennsylvania farm. We emphasize sustainable practices without pesticides and artificial fertilizers. We use natural and organic fertilizers and soil amendments. We re-use and recycle plastics and paper products, and compost organic waste on the Farm, We are mindful of our carbon footprint. Our Farm includes a solar power array that supplies about half of our electricity.

We produce and grow over 200 species of native plants including, wildflowers, shrubs, trees, grasses and ferns.

We never harvest native plants we sell from our property, or any other natural area. Plants sold at Yellow Springs Farm or through our Online Store are all grown from seeds or propagation from cuttings that preserve the source plants.

We specialize in the hard-to-find species and theme garden varieties especially shade gardens, sunny gardens, butterfly gardens and meadows. We promote meadow development with grasses and wildflowers for low maintenance beauty in all four seasons of the year.

Our plants are grown in containers varying in size from 1 qt to 7 gallon. We also offer much larger ball and burlap tree and shrub specimens by special order during the early Spring and Fall seasons. You may Order online anytime or at the Yellow Springs Farm by appointment. Please see our Refund Policy.

To learn more download Our Native Plant FAQ

We ship plants via UPS and Fedex most weeks of the year, as weather permits. We offer gift certificates for all occasions in any denomination.

Why native plants?

Native plants are important to our environment. Because they are adapted to our specific area/region native plants:

  • require little maintenance
  • save us time, money and effort compared to supporting a traditional garden
  • provide habitat for birds, insects, reptiles and mammals
  • improve soil and air quality
  • conserve water and improve water quality