Field Trips, Guided Tours, and Group Workshops at Yellow Springs Farm

Topics Include

Goat Dairy Tours - Guided Cheese Tastings - Gardening with Native Plants - Edible Gardens - Farm Ecology - Biodiversity - Custom Programs

Tour Content

goat education
Discover the impact invasive plants have on a local ecosystem and how goats help keep them in check. Students can learn how to identify various plants, determine whether they are invasive or native, learn about goats and their role in the food web, and nutrient cycling within a system. Find out about important contributions to local ecology by bees, other insects, and critters. Explore soil conditions and impacts the local geography plays on quality and types of soil. Through exploration students can discover organisms in the soil, learn about composting and find out what grows in different types of soil. Older students can perform simple soil tests to determine composition and how this affects what can grow. Water quality testing and pond ecology activities can be available as well.
goat education
Students will have the opportunity to learn about plants through a number of hands-on exercises. Activities range from discovering plant parts, their functions, performing a couple of propagation techniques, harvesting and tasting vegetables from the garden. Learn about compost, herbs, flowers, fruits and vegetables.
goat education
Goats Galore
Come learn about this small ruminant and the role they play in agriculture and the environment. Activities can include kid care (bottle feeding), how to milk a goat, nutrition (what do goats eat?), and food they provide for humans with samples available. Topics cover food web, agricultural products, and basic needs of animals. Learn what it takes to develop an artisanal product, in this case cheese. Students gain insight through a full picture exposure of the process from goat management to making cheese. Students will be able to taste the cheese they make.
goat education
This is an opportunity to design a farm visit combining various aspects from the above categories to suit your groups’ interest. Activities will be coordinated by YSF staff and teacher, or equivalent, from the visiting party.



What else is included
A group picture sent to the teacher, instructor, etc. for all tours. Other items can vary depending on the type of tour.

What to bring
In hot weather bring water bottles, sunscreen, hats, and appropriate clothing (closed-toed shoes, long pants if around goats). Do not wear flip-flops! In rainy weather bring raincoats and boots. Keep in mind that you are visiting a farm; wear shoes and clothes that can get dirty. Bathroom facilities and water will be provided.