Cheese Tasting Notes

  1. All YSF artisanal goat cheeses are made with 100% pasteurized goat milk, sea salt, and vegetable rennet
  2. We do not add stabilizers or artificial ingredients to any of our products.
  3. Our goats eat local hay, local grains, and graze in the healthy pastures.
  4. We do not use antibiotics or added hormones in our herd management.


Black Diamond tm 

This is a ripe cheese coated in vegetable ash as it ages. It is creamy, with layers of complex flavors. This cheese is inspired by the French Valencay cheese from the Loire Valley. Sancerre wine is also produced in the Loire Valley, so treat yourself to this pairing with Black Diamond. if you enjoy white wine. Sancerre is similar to Sauvignon Blanc, so you have many wines to choose from. Black Diamond tm  won first place among aged goat cheeses at 2014 American Cheese Society competition. Please store only in cheese paper provided- no plastic wrap.

Bliss tm

This is our "cousin" of Brie, with it's creamy texture, but milder flavor. It begins to show a nutty, lightly earthy flavor  as it ages. Bliss tends to be a bit milder than Brie. It acts like a chameleon with food parings, calling out flavors in the cheese that mirror other foods served together Pair it with fruit, such as grapes or Asian pears, and include almonds or walnuts, if you like. Bliss tm  pairs very well with a sweeter wine, such as Sauternes or Moscato. Please store only in cheese paper provided- no plastic wrap. 

Cloud Nine tm

This is a French-style, surface ripened cheese. It is handmade to look like a snowball or cotton puff.  If you like creamy French cheese, and a bit of a bite on the back of your tongue, this is right for you.  Like peaches or tomatoes, Cloud Nine can be enjoyed  right away while it’s firm, or ripened longer for a different texture and flavor. There is no "wrong way" to eat this-- enjoy!

It is related to Brie and Camembert in taste and texture—enjoy with a baguette.  It’s also great as an after dinner cheese paired with a Pinot Noir  or  dessert wine. This cheese won a blue ribbon and was Reserve Best in Show at the 2015 PA Farm Show. Please store only in cheese paper provided- no plastic wrap.


Blue Velvet tm

This is a pungent goat milk blue cheese made with some reference to Gorgonzola.  It is creamy, and a little stinky. You can fill celery sticks with this cheese for an old-fashioned snack, or make a homemade salad dressing.  Please re-wrap this cheese in foil if you do not plan to eat it within a  few days of purchase.

Fieldstone tm

If we could package the "flavor of the Farm" in one bite, it would be Fieldstone cheese. This is a firm, cave-aged cheese. The natural rind is edible, and coincidentally resembles the color and texture of  the natural stone walls in the 19th-century barn where it ages. The local sandstone used to construct our historic bank barn was from the fields proximal to the present building, complete with earthy minerals and microbes. The goats are grazing on the same land the stone is harvested from. in other words, this cheese is "of this place" from start to finish.

Fieldstone is one of our   four American Cheese Society award winning cheeses. This cheese offers an earthy and nutty quality from aging in the cheese cave for about eight weeks or more. This cheese is earthy, rustic, and has a touch of mushroom flavor. It can be eaten before a meal or coarsely grated over pasta Try it melted on grilled or roasted Portobello mushrooms, or in a risotto dish. Fieldstone fits in for a surprisingly good cheeseburger, too. This rind, like all our natural rinds, is edible, and part of the flavor profile. But, like apple skins, you are free to remove the rind if you prefer.

Goat’s Beard tm

Less sweet than a Gouda, but made with similar inspiration, this mild aged goat milk cheese is firm, with crisp flavors, including hints of honey and butter. Try it melted on a sandwich, or in an omelet.

Iron Springs tm

Chester Springs really does have natural springs -- lots of them! We have a few springs in our farm pond, and an active 19th-century springhouse, too. We see evidence of the minerals in our water-- iron stains plumbing fixtures-- and our well water has magnesium and sulfur, too. Iron Springs’ rind begins as pure white. This cheese's earthy, rich surface color reminds us of local sandstone, stained with natural reds and blacks from  minerals. The cheese rinds are rubbed with smoked paprika and oregano for a savory flavor that nicely complements the slightly acidic, tangy cheese paste.

Mellow Yellow tm

This is a seasonal offering made when we harvest Fall crocus flowers at our Farm. Saffron is a culinary delicacy revered especially in rice and chicken dishes of many ethnic traditions.  Its luscious color provides a pastel yellow color wash throughout the cheese paste. The aged cheese flavor is delicate, but uniquely satisfying. This is available only in Fall and Winter months.

Nutcracker tm

This goat cheese is aged while marinated in a black walnut liqueur made at our Farm. It was a first-place winner at the American Cheese Society. Aging softens the tannins in the nuts, but the rich goat milk is a great complement to the powerful flavors in this cheese. It is complex, but not too sharp. Eat it with crackers, and make sure you get a bit of rind in each bite.  It can be coarsely grated over mushrooms or ravioli or risotto. It is, enjoyable with winter squash, too. Wine lovers can pair this cheese with Merlot,  and many Tuscan red wines.

Pepito tm

Almost every cheese-loving country and culture has a cheese made with peppercorns. Pepito is unique because we use goat milk, and age the cheese slowly in our stone cave. The natural rind is edible. Enjoy this cheese with spicy sausages, charcuterie, or pickles, for starters.

Purple Passion tm

This is a seasonal summer and Fall offering. . We harvest the lavender flowers in early summer, dry them a bit, and incorporate the flowers in the cheese. It ages at least six weeks until the flavor is right. Then, the wait begins for the next year's lavender.  Lavender is a nice flavor to complement summer berries, citrus, and warm weather picnics.

Red Leaf tm

Red Leaf tm is one of our American Cheese Society award winning cheeses. This cheese offers a moist, light texture despite its aged character because it is marinated in red wine. The cheese is age wrapped in Sycamore leaves-- a native PA tree-- for an herbal, nutty extra zing with layers of flavor. The small size of each wheel was determined by the size of the Sycamore tree's leaves. We just are here to orchestrate the connections between landscape and foodscape--we love it when a native plant species makes a cheese extra good. Eat this cheese slowly, savor each bite, and the flavors just keep coming in waves.

Yellow Brick Road tm

This cheese is made with Victory Brewing's , Downingtown’s favorite, Storm King Stout and Hop Devil Ale-- need we say more? The beer malt adds a sweet , grainy flavor, and the hops balances this with sharper bite. Both beers balance the goat milk acidity nicely—we think of it as sweet and sour in one bite. Try it with BBQ!

NB-- this cheese contains gluten



This is the traditional, soft spreadable goat cheese most often found in supermarkets. While commercial producers vacuum pack chevre, YSF Chevre arrives hand packed in a recyclable plastic deli cup. Whether you choose a plain chevre, or chevre seasoned with herbs or spices from the Farm, you’ll appreciate the flavors of our delicious goat milk with a touch of sea salt. Available only April to December


YSF Feta is not packaged in brine – it is dry-salted, only with sea salt, and wrapped for fresh creamy texture. This makes our Feta more perishable, but sooo good. Salads, stuffings, omelettes, and more will never taste better than with our yummy Feta.  Available intermittently only-- May to October

Goat-za-rella tm

"Like mozzarella, but better"... that's what cheese lovers tell me about this YSF favorite cheese. Melt it, or eat it cold with tomatoes, basil, arugula, or eggplant,... just enjoy. Available intermittently only-- May to October