Cheese FAQ

We would like to share the following Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) with those who are still undecided about whether or not to purchase a YSF Cheese Share for 2019.

Where are the pick-up sites for the Yellow Springs Farm (YSF) Cheese share?

In addition to Yellow Springs Farm (Chester Springs- Click directions. for directions.), we offer the following pick-up sites for your convenience (please note that the host sites schedule the pick-up dates and times themselves):

Yellow Springs Farm, Chester Springs (Tuesdays, 12:30-6:30 pm) [map]
West Chester Growers Market, West Chester, PA [map]

Yellow Springs Farm members will receive a cheese share one time per month. Each regular share assortment will include 3 varieties of Yellow Springs Farm cheeses totaling about 12 oz.

PLUS Share offers 4 cheese portions (3 varieties) totaling 16 oz. PLUS Share is perfect for split shares and larger households.

We will continue to offer the CSA option "Everything But Chevre." This share includes 2 varieties of cheese, but larger portions of each — about 12 oz. total.

Both fresh and aged pasteurized goat milk cheeses. Check out our Goat Cheese Tasting Notes for more details on our cheeses. Members also have unique opportunities to try new products and place special orders for extra cheese. We will be making an assortment of 20-24 cheeses over the course of the season. We hope that this wide range of fresh and aged pasteurized and raw milk cheeses will keep your taste buds tingling throughout the season.

Where do I find the CSA enrollment form?
CSA Share can be purchased online. You may also click on this link to find a printable enrollment form in .pdf format. You may print this form and mail it via US Mail if you prefer to pay by check or by credit card without using our e-commerce site.

I cannot use the link to reach your CSA enrollment form online.
Although we tested it in many ways, different pop-up blockers, security settings, software, and hardware combinations seem to have different responses to our link for the CSA enrollment form. We will gladly email the form as a .pdf attachment or send a hard copy via US Mail to anyone who would like to receive a form without using our link. Please let us know how we may help via phone (610-827-2014) or email ([email protected]).

One cheese share seems like too much product for my household - can I buy less cheese?We suggest you consider splitting the cheese share with a friend or neighbor. The PLUS share, with 4 cheese portions, is perfect for those who split the CSA. This might also be a nice way to split the pick-up duties for those who travel often, or have tight schedules. If you decide not to purchase a Cheese CSA share, we will sometimes have cheese for sale at the Farm on a cash basis for those who contact us in advance to arrange a Farm visit, or place a cheese order. CSA share members will receive priority for placing orders for extra cheese, as quantities and varieties will be limited given our artisanal, handmade products. We will schedule a few tasting days during the season to introduce the cheeses to those who are not familiar with YSF. We will not offer regular store hours at the Farm.

What can I do with the cheese other than serving it with crackers?
We send a goat cheese recipe in each CSA newsletter throughout the season.

How long will the cheese stay fresh after I bring it home?
Our cheeses arrive fresh with your share. We do not use any preservatives, so the cheese is perishable. We make fresh cheeses just in time for each share week. If cheese is not kept cold during transport to your home, it will have a shorter shelf life. Please bring a cooler to your cheese pick-up site, especially during warm weather.

The shelf life for cheeses is about 10-14 days for fresh, soft cheeses, and closer to 3-4 weeks or longer for harder, aged cheeses. We suggest you keep the cheeses in original packaging. We use special, air-permeable paper to wrap some cheeses so that the cheese will continue to breathe once you have it home. We suggest you store cheese in a cold section (36-38 degrees) of your refrigerator and be aware that it will readily absorb ambient odors or aromas from other food, and even from cleaning products, etc.

I love goat milk cheese, but I am concerned that it will cause me health problems such as high cholesterol, or weight gain.
Many scientific articles have been published about the nutritional qualities and benefits of goat milk and goat cheese. We will be adding these to our website in the future so that you may learn more about this important topic.

Will YSF ship cheese for me to gift recipients in other states?
Yes. We ship via FedEx Ground with ice packs in foam coolers. More distant locations require FedEx overnight service. Please inquire via phone (610-827-2014) or email ([email protected]) for details.

I am a vegetarian. Do you use animal rennet?
No, all Yellow Springs Farm cheeses are made only with vegetable rennet. We use only natural ingredients with no additives, and organic ingredients whenever it's practical. In addition, our goats browse pasture, and eat local hay and grains. We do not use antibiotics or hormones in our dairy herd. In addition, our yogurt is gluten-free and vegetarian friendly-no gelatin added.

Nubian Dairy Goats make Great Cheeses
Yellow Springs Farm proudly offers both fresh and aged Artisanal Goat Cheeses. The most important part of our cheeses is the exceptionally good milk our goats produce.

  • We breed and raise Nubian goats, with occasional genetic crosses, carefully selected for their naturally nutrient rich milk.
  • Our herd browses pasture, cleans up invasive plant species in the woodland, and basks in the sun.
  • Our goats also eat local hay, and grains.
  • Al and Catherine Renzi make Yellow Springs Farm cheeses using age-old processes borrowed from both French and Italian traditions.
  • Our original interpretation of these recipes, and inclusion of farm-raised herbs, nuts, and honey make many unique Yellow Springs Farm Goat Cheeses.
  • Each small batch is handmade, and never includes preservatives or anything artificial.
  • We offer both fresh, pasteurized milk cheeses, and exclusive cheeses.
  • We love to select palette-pleasing trends to pair with local, fresh foods.