Naturalistic Landscaping and Design


Border Garden
Border Garden
Butterfly Garden
Naturalistic Meadow
Rain Garden
Rain Garden
Streamside Garden
Woodland Garden

Our consulting and design services for homeowners and businesses emphasize an environmentally-friendly approach to design, plant selection and maintenance with the goals of providing wildlife habitat, improved soils and air quality and less surface water run-off, all for a better quality of life. We use natural and organic soil amendments and fertilizers—safe for pets and children. We provide landscape installation services and coordinate projects with local providers of water features, such as ponds and rain gardens, irrigation systems and stonescapes. We specialize in:

  • Riparian Buffers and Forested Riparian Buffers
  • Meadows – ( Lawn substitutes )
  • Rain Gardens—Design, Build, and Maintenance
  • Butterfly Gardens
  • Shade Gardens
  • Natural Ponds and Pond Maintenance
  • Woodlands—Creation and Restoration


Our primary emphasis is on residential landscapes, schools, public buildings, and places of worship. We work with architects, engineers, and landscape architects interested in our specialized expertise in conservation landscaping and native plants. We also assist and consult for larger habitat restoration programs taking place on farms, public lands, and in parks. Our designs emphasize a stable, ornamental, low-maintenance site that welcomes people, but also serves the many needs of diverse wildlife. For the cost-conscious, do-it-yourself homeowners, we offer a private consultation at your property. We provide expert advice on property management, aesthetic choices and challenges, plant identification, as well as successful native plant selection during an informal garden meeting lasting about 45-60 minutes